We drew it wearing sweaters in Edinburgh and bikinis in Florida, four people on this beach and 2000 on that one, with singing or speeches or prayers or stories or silently, facing the ocean or lake or facing the camera, and we sent the photos to FaceBook. Here are some:
Neptune Beach near Florence, Oregon by Monica Christoffels
“Victor Guerin from the Musqueam First Nation welcomes us and tell us a story about Takaya - the wolf living together with man in harmony” - Vancouver BC Canada, by Celia Brauer
Those little lines are people, lined up at Montauk, NY, photo from Dalton Portella.
“@ a beach on Bellingham Bay last night when I noticed lots of tiny, colorful origami cranes washing up on shore. For a bout an hour we collected at least 100. We arranged them on the driftwood, took a few, gave some away-left the rest there and in the water. It was magical and spiritual. I took it as a sign of hope, for the Oceans, the Cranes & other wildlife & for us. I hope I never find out the real reason they were there.........” added by Nikki Craig Kilpatrick
Yes, that’s the Sears Tower in Chicago.
And here we are in Alameda, about a hundred of us (photo from Lia Hernandez) lined up after singing three songs, one by me, for our own fifteen minutes of looking at the salt water and thinking our own thoughts. Two of the kids, impervious to cold as children seem to be, got in the water and splashed around. Aside from the two friends I brought and a Code Pink woman I’ve seen at other demonstrations, they were all people I didn’t know. And notice the paucity of gray hair. This is not your usual demonstration. And that’s a good thing.
© 2010 by Nancy Schimmel
“At Bodega Bay in Calif it was very foggy then as we all held hands the sun came through and the whales appeared!” Added by Pam Pratt-deVault
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Sunday, June 27, 2010