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This site was constructed at the suggestion of Charles H. Smith, representing at this point a collaboration between librarian Smith and ex-librarian Nancy Schimmel--who not at all coincidentally happens to be the daughter of Malvina Reynolds. Dr. Smith was primarily responsible for the transcriptions, discographies and website work, while Ms. Schimmel selected the material and provided a definitive lyrical and musical editing/proofreading perspective. Other persons who figured significantly in the gathering, transcription, or editing of relevant information included Jennifer Weedman, Lauren Adams, Meagan Miles, and Ruth Pohlman, and for their excellent help we are very thankful. The work was also considerably aided by a grant from the Faculty Scholarship Council at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green.

     Charles H. Smith is Professor Emeritus at Western Kentucky University. Dr. Smith's interests are far-ranging and extend to systems and evolutionary theory, biogeography and biodiversity, history of science, bibliography, and music. He has published several dozen shorter works and nine books including: Alfred Russel Wallace: An Anthology of His Shorter Writings (1991), Biodiversity Studies: A Bibliographic Review (2000), Alfred Russel Wallace: Writings on Evolution 1843-1912 (2004), and Natural Selection and Beyond: The Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Russel Wallace (2008). He has also created and maintains a number of other informational websites, including The Alfred Russel Wallace Page, The Classical Music Navigator, Early Classics in Biogeography, Diversity and Distribution Studies to 1950, Early Classics in Biogeography, Diversity and Distribution Studies 1951-1975, Nineteenth Century Exploration of Australia, The 111 Greatest Acts of the Anglo-American Folk Music Tradition, and Some Biogeographers, Evolutionists and Ecologists: Chrono-Biographical Sketches.

     Nancy Schimmel also worked for some years as a librarian, in the Bay area, then went on to a successful second career as a singer/songwriter and storyteller for children and adults. She is the author of Just Enough to Make a Story: A Sourcebook for Storytelling (1978/1982/1992), the storyteller on the video Tell Me a Story (1986), and the/a principal songwriter, singer, and/or storyteller on the audio releases Plum Pudding (1982), Dinosaur and Other Songs from Plum City (1986), I'm All Ears: Sing Into Reading (1999), and Sun, Sun Shine: Songs for Curious Children (2003). With Judy Fjell, she puts on concerts of Malvina’s songs and the stories behind them. Ms. Schimmel is the founder of Sisters' Choice Recordings and Books in Berkeley, California, and is also, since her mother’s death, owner of Schroder Music Company. She is active in the Children’s Music Network, whose Magic Penny Award for lifetime contribution to children’s music is named after Malvina’s song. She is one of the founding members of Occupella, a group that has been leading singing at rallies, demonstrations and marches since 2011.

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This page copyright 2006-2012 by Charles H. Smith and Nancy Schimmel. All rights reserved.

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