Malvina Reynolds: Song Lyrics and Poems  

(Introductory Words)

    Here is a sheaf of songs I have made over the years, for fun and other good feelings.

    There's not a great deal of difference between songs for young people and songs for grown-ups. One of the songs I wrote with kids in mind became a grown up hit: "Morningtown Ride" as sung by the singing group, "The Seekers". And some of my songs that seem to be the adult type are favorites with youngsters, too. A four-year old friend of mine likes to hear "The Delinquent" from my old Folkways album; many boys and girls enjoy "Little Boxes"; "What Have They Done to the Rain?", originally a rather thoughtful grown-up song, became a popular rock hit as sung by the English group, "The Searchers", and others. I have taken good old folks tales and turned them into songs which find audiences with both grown-ups and kids--"The Emperor's Nightingale", "The Pied Piper" and "The Little Red Hen".

    The songs in this book were written when I was in a youngish frame of mind; I suppose they might be enjoyed by groups hiking and camping as well as just singing any time. Many of them have a nutty quality that's especially suitable for the young heart--say ten to sixteen. But I hope that like its predecessor, "Tweedles and Foodles For Young Noodles", this book of songs will find a home wherever people like to sing. Chord symbols are indicated for guitar and autoharp. Claire Shallit has also set the songs for piano, with fine arrangements suitable for second and third year music students. These treatments make good piano pieces on their own, or as accompaniment for singing or the recorder.

    The guitar chords are not meant to go along with the piano arrangements: use one or the other.

    Some of the songs, such as "Kennebunkport", can go on forever if you'll just add your own verses.

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