Malvina Reynolds: Song Lyrics and Poems  


     It's not too hard to make a song. You even make a little song when you talk. Listen to the way your voice goes up and down, and how your speaking has a rhythm, so that you could dance to it, or skippety-hop.

    The hardest thing about making a song is remembering it afterwards. There are tape recorders that you can sing into, but not everybody has one, and they aren't always around when you feel most like making a song. So it is a good thing to learn how to write down notes and words, so that you can keep your songs, and other people can learn them and enjoy them.

    You may find that, after you have learned the songs in this book, you'll have ideas for other verses. Young friends of mine have already made up very good verses for "I Went A-Gathering" and "The Pets".

    The songs in "Tweedles and Foodles" were made up by me, and I have sung them for many young people and grown-ups. They are arranged so that you can just sing them, or sing them with guitar or banjo, or play them on the piano.

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