Malvina Reynolds: Song Lyrics and Poems  

(Introductory Words)

    Many of the songs I've written don't seem to belong to any particular age section: what seem like little kid songs have sometimes become grown-up favorites, and the other way around. So I have put together here songs I have for the young in mind; funny songs, dreamy songs, loud and soft songs, idea songs and story songs. Some of them have been published before in other collections, some of them are from collections now out of print; most of them have been in the files or the back of my head, waiting for the light of day, or they're brand new. Some are open-ended, so that you can add verses of your own.

    Most of the music is plain and square on the page, to make it easy to read at first. But I hope that in time you will swing it a little, with phrasing and syncopation to suit the way it appeals to you. A few of the songs have actually been written in a free style--see "If You Love Me" and "Magic Penny"--to show you what I mean.

    The songs have been put in keys easy to sing, or easy to chord on the guitar, or both.

    Have fun.


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