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All Over Everything

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1959 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1987.

All over ev'rything,
Kids all over ev'rything.
All over ev'rything,
Kids all over ev'rything.

School's out,
Hear them shout,
Pouring down the rain spout,
On the chairs,
On the stairs,
Kids all over ev'rywheres.


Kids in twos,
Kids in crews,
Barefoot kids and kids in shoes,
Kids in socks,
Kids in flocks,
Running all around the blocks.


Climbing walls,
Throwing balls,
Dancing up and down the halls,
Cleaning plates,
Eating dates,
Riding by on roller skates.


Climbing trees,
Skinning knees,
Buzzing round like bumble bees,
Banging spoons,
Singing tunes,
Riding by on toy balloons.


Malvina Reynolds songbook(s) in which the music to this song appears:
---- The Muse of Parker Street
---- Cheerful Tunes for Lutes and Spoons: Youngish Songs
---- There's Music in the Air: Songs for the Middle-Young

Malvina Reynolds recording(s) on which this song is performed:
---- [none]

Recordings by other artists on which this song is performed:
---- Eunice Boardman and Barbara Andress: The Music Book Grade 2, Record 5 (Holt, Rinehart and Winston P 15571, 1981)
---- Mr. Dressup: Happy Birthday Alligator Al (Matrix TS001, 1976)

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