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Down to Hanson's

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1962 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1990.

If you go out to Idaho,
Just take my advice,
Stop in at the Hanson's,
The folks are mighty nice.
Whenever the wind begins to blow,
The farm it blows away,
But the mud rain brings it back again
Any rainy day.

Let's go down to Hanson's,
That's the place for me.
Let's go down to Hanson's,
Beside the inland sea,
The rugs are made of sable,
There's bear meat on the table,
And whenever I am able,
That's where I want to be.

They catch the catfish ready smoked
And it is fine and fat,
And since they call it catfish,
They feed it to the cat,
But when they call it bullhead,
They fry it in a pan,
And sure that makes a noble food
For either dog or man.


The vines grow round the outhouse
Till it can not be seen;
You sit in state and contemplate
Beneath a roof of green.
And up the hill lives Ernie,
Contented as a clam,
And if he never sweeps the floor,
Nobody gives a damn.


Now Irv he traps the muskrat,
The link cat and coyote,
He is a mighty hunter
On snow shoes or afloat.
The little foxes run in fear
To scent him on the breeze,
But the mountain deer, they follow near
To share his beer and cheese.


Now Ruth is in the kitchen
Concocting a ragout,
She raised the beef to make it,
The spuds and carrots, too.
And when she needs a side of beef
To cook for three or four,
The steers come up upon the porch
And knock at the kitchen door.


The place is full of treasure,
It's found on every hand,
With garlic in the garden
And Indians in the sand.
The wild goose flying southward
Along his destined way,
He looks down at that little red house,
And wishes he could stay.


Malvina Reynolds songbook(s) in which the music to this song appears:
---- The Muse of Parker Street

Malvina Reynolds recording(s) on which this song is performed:
---- [none]

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