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Mommy's Girl

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1958 by author, 1963 by Schroder Music Company. In the Table of Contents to her songbook Song in My Pocket Malvina writes of this song: "...written for one of today's little girls with no Daddy in the family any more--a word of security to go to sleep on." This song originally (in Song in My Pocket) had another verse which Malvina later dropped: "Now she's a daddy and works in a store / Now she's a mommy and sweeps the floor / Now she's a girl in a pinafore, ruffles all around." In fact, Malvina's sister worked in a camera store, her mother worked in the family tailor shop (as did Malvina for a while), her sister-in-law ran a fabric store, and her grandmother ran a deli, so keeping the store was as much women's work as men's in that family.

This is the girl that Mommy loves,
This is the girl that Mommy loves,
This is the girl that Mommy loves,
Sweetest girl in town.

Up in the morning break of day,
Into her clothes and out to play,
Breakfast somewhere along the way,
Bouncing up and down.


Now she's an engine--clear the track--
Now she's a hammer and smacks a tack,
Now she's a sack on a piggy-back,
Fifty cents a pound.


Stars are out and it's time for bed,
Here's the pajamas, white and red,
Here's the pillow for sleepy-head,
Lay the beany down.


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Recordings by other artists on which this song is performed:
---- Marcia Berman: Sings Malvina Reynolds' Rabbits Dance and Other Songs for Children (B/B Records B/B 112, 1985)

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