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Coplas (English translation)

Notes: Malvina's translation of the lyrics to the song "Coplas," printed in Sing Out! in 1958.

You asked me for green peppers,
Green peppers are your due.
Come with me into the garden,
I will gather them for you.

They say the ones at your house
Cannot bear the sight of me.
Tell them not to roil the water,
They may drink on bended knee.

Any woman who loves two men,
Always gives them brothers' shares.
Big horns she puts on one lad,
Budding horns the other wears.

Jenny Mule I used to ride on
My pal is riding now.
What do I care who rides her?
I broke her to the plow.

The night that we were married,
I couldn't sleep at all.
I spent the whole night chasing
A cat climbing up the wall.

You said it was a black cat
Came in through your balcony.
Black cat with hat and pants on--
That's a new one on me.

Malvina Reynolds songbook(s) in which the music to this song appears:
---- [none]

Other place(s) where the music to this song appears:
---- Sing Out!, Volume 7(3) (1958), pp. 12-131

Malvina Reynolds recording(s) on which this song is performed:
---- [none]

Additional note
1. Malvina's translation of the lyrics of the song into English (i.e., the lyrics presented above) appears in Sing Out!, Volume 7(4) (1958), on p. 27.

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