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Nestlé No!

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1978 Schroder Music Company, renewed 2006. Written for the Nestlé boycott. Malvina wrote a tune, but suggested (in her last Sporadic Times newsletter, March 1978) singing it to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne” for those who couldn’t read music.

We use no Nestlé products here,
Cause they have a cruel campaign,
Selling formula to Third World folks
And the babies go down the drain.
There's no refrigeration there,
The mother's milk soon dries,
And the baby sucks this rotten stuff,
And it soon gets sick and dies.

Nestlé knows damn well what's going on,
There are protests everywhere,
But the ads still run and the profits still rise,
And the Nestlé gang don't care.
So we read the labels carefully,
Where the Nestlé brands appear,
And we tell the world the reason why,
And we use no Nestlé here.

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