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Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1978 Schroder Music Company, renewed 2006. Written in support of a bill introduced in the California Assembly in March, 1977, outlawing mandatory overtime.

Overtime, overtime, overtime,
Boss says I've got to work overtime,
Seven million unemployed waiting in line,
And I've got to work overtime.

It's either no work and no boss,
Or it's too much work and too much boss,
Either you get no work at all,
Or you have to work like a horse, Oh,


Lives of the unemployed thrown away,
All they want is to earn their pay,
There are willing hands to give relief to mine,
And put an end to overtime.


Work may be dull, work may be good,
But an 8 hour day is more than anyone should,
Your very best years are eaten away
By that 8 plus overtime day.


Work may be good, work may be rough,
But an 8 hour day is more than enough,
Half time day is certainly sound,
Let's spread the jobs around.


Mama has to work to make ends meet,
Kids out of school and on the street,
Only the law can set them free
From the overtime misery.


Cut down the work day to six or four,
Nobody's hurt and there's jobs for more,
Share the work would be a great design,
And no one on overtime.


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---- Malvina Reynolds (2007)

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