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No Place to Run

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1971 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1999.

Baby, there's no place to go from here,
The moon is cold and it has no air,
And this poor world has none to spare,
Cause we've fouled it up till it's done,
And there's no place to run.

Run into your soul and let the world go by,
You'll hear the wounded baby cry,
You'll see the alligator swamp go dry,
And the rivers die in the sun,
Cause there's no place to run.

No place to run, Honey Bun,
Baby, no place to go,
No one to do what has to be done
But me and you, God help us,
Cause there's no place to run.

Establishment runs on war and smack,
They blow our boys up the chimney stack,
And our bare hands got to turn it all back
Though they've got the lie and the gun,
Cause there's no place to run.

So I get up from my cozy chair,
You leave your car that goes no where,
And we move out to face it square,
Because Baby, we are the one,
And there's no place to run.


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