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Call on Me

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1973 Schroder Music Company, renewed 2001.

If you want some singin done,
Call on me.
If you want some singin done,
Call on me.
If you want some singin done
Or a little stompin fun,
You just call me and I'll come
On the run.

There's no agent guy to advertise my name.
I'm too ornery to play the agent game.
You just send a postal card
And if I'm not feeling tired,
I will pack me up and be there just the same.


I will drive my car I did not buy for looks,
I will bring along my records and my books,
You won't find them in the store,
They don't sell that kind no more,
And the kind they sell I never learned to cook.


You just round you up a hundred or a score,
Set some chairs up in the kitchen or a store,
I have made many a song
Some are short and some are long
And I'll sing for you until your ears are sore.


I'm a lady known for modesty and tact,
And I'm much too shy to hustle up my own act,
I've been trained since I was young
To a meek and quiet tongue,
So consider that this song was never sung.


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