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Just a Little Every Day

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1976 Schroder Music Company, renewed 2004.

Just a little every day,
A little something in the air
From the car exhaust ahead,
The atom plant across the way,
Just a little every day.

Just a little every day,
In every item that we eat,
DES shot in our meat,
And the ager in our bread,
Just a little every day.

BDT and DDT,
Read the label on the can,
Words you do not understand,
You could bet they're meant that way,
Just a little every day.

Every business house will say,
"All we gave her was our bit,
Otherwise the stuff would rot,
And our profits would be not,
So we coaxed the F.D.A."

Now she's dead and in her grave,
This her tombstone will display,
"Here she lies and here she'll stay
She, the laboratory's bride,
And the profit system's pride.

She's irradiate and brittle,
And she never will decay,
Even the worms will keep away.
All she died of
Was a little,
Every minute,
Every day.
Just a little
Every day.

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