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Notes: words by Malvina Reynolds, no music; not previously published.

I love my love and my love loves me
That's all that I need to know
And what do I care if the world goes round
Or whether it rain or snow.

I don't know and I don't care
And the world is young and bright
My love is good and honest and fair
And I'll sleep in his arms tonight.

Oh the world comes into my open door
And it leaves my table bare
And my baby lies in his oaken crib
And he hasn't a shirt to wear.

I love my love and my love loves me
And our baby is sweet and bright
But the wind of the world blows in the door
And we sleep in the cold tonight.

I love my love and my love loves me
And there's lovers the whole world round
And the winds of the world blow cold and sharp
Wherever they can be found.

I know I know and I care I care
For the beautiful lovers everywhere
And the babies who cry in the wintry air
All over the world tonight.

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