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Gupery Joe and Mike

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; not previously published.

Let's go, let's go says Gupery Joe,
Put on your seven league slippers
And we'll sail over the ocean flow
Like a couple of China clippers
We'll see Shanghai and the River Huai
By way of the Southern Sea.
We'll have some toast on the Golden Coast
And stop in Berlin for tea,
We'll ride our bikes on the Flanders dikes
And catch a fish in the Seine
Then do a few miles in the British Isles,
And back to the States again.

You can go if you like says Muggery Mike,
But I'm too busy right here.
I've got to grope in the microscope
To study an earwig's ear.
There's a swarm of bees in the neighbor's trees
And the peas are beginning to set.
I've found a weed with a wingery seed
And haven't looked into it yet,
So I'll say goodbye when you're set to fly
And see you off at the sea.
And when you get home you can talk about Rome
And keep me company.

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