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Too Many Pollywogs

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1958 Malvina Reynolds, assigned to Schroder Music Company 1963, renewed 1986.

Sun is bright and the water is cool
But there's too many pollywogs in this pool.
Wiggle tail, waggle tail, just out of school,
And there's too many pollywogs in this pool.

Too many tadpoles all around the place,
Getting in your hair and flapping in your face,
Better do my swimming in the old mill race,
Cause there's too many pollywogs here.

Up from the bottom and down from the top,
All jump in a big bellyflop,
Hollering, swallering, laughing like a fool,
Too many pollywogs in this pool.


Puffing like a porpoise, blowing like a whale,
Splashing and a-washing like a tempest in a pail,
Flying like a cuckoo, kicking like a mule,
Too many pollywogs in this pool.


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