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Easy Street

Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1962 Malvina Reynolds, renewed 1990.

Easy Street, Easy Street,
Everybody knows about Easy Street,
When you ask directions, people are grand,
Always glad to offer you a helping hand,
Why they aren't there themselves I don't understand,
Going down to Easy Street.

Easy Street, Easy Street,
Everybody talks about Easy Street,
Everybody offers you a perfect scheme,
Just invest your money and get peaches and cream,
Wake up busted from a pleasant dream,
Going down to Easy Street.

Easy Street, Easy Street,
You read about the people on Easy Street,
They are the ones that make the front page news,
Walking down Easy Street in velvet shoes,
It's only you and me that's got the back street blues,
Looking for Easy Street.

Easy Street, Easy Street,
There's a few that make it to Easy Street,
How they ever get there, heaven only knows,
Mud on their hands and blood on their clothes,
That's the way you get to where the money grows,
Easy on Easy Street.

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