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No Town

Notes: words by Malvina Reynolds and music traditional; copyright 1965 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1993.

This is no town, no town,
This is no town.

Well I don't know the people next door,
Maybe I never saw them before.
No one belongs in this old place,
A lot of houses in empty space.


Town is a place where you lived and grew,
And things around there mean something to you.
But this old place means nothing to me
But a big no job misery.


A town is a place that begins and ends,
You know your friends and your daddy's friends,
And the guy that runs the grocery store
Lives round the corner or right next door, but


A town is a place where you belong,
Somebody cares if you're right or wrong,
Somebody cares if you live or die,
If they can't help you maybe they try, but


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