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Stand Up With Me

Notes: words circa 1958 by Malvina Reynolds, tune reconstructed from memory by Nancy Schimmel; copyright 2008 by Malvina Reynolds and Nancy Schimmel.

It's time to get up and walk,
I don't like to cringe and bow,
There's a time to get up and move ahead
And we know that that time is now.

Stand up with me, brother, (sister)
You don't have to walk alone,
They're like shadows before us
When we're marching together,
They're like shadows before us,
And we are the morning sun.

Some people think it's wise
To be quiet and close your eyes,
But we know the smartest thing to do
Is to stand up and be your size.


McCarthy he hollered, "Boo!"
And thought we would fall down dead,
But it was our pleasure to take his measure
And keep on moving ahead.


"Were you ever of have you been?
Answer us on your knees!"
I'm an independent American
And I'll do just what I please.


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