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"Inscriptions on a Ginger Jar" (a collection of short poems from the songbook The Muse of Parker Street)

  • Untitled ("Sorrow is a curse...")
  • Morrison Building, U.C. ("Twinkles, tinkles, runs and bloops...")
  • Untitled ("Is there a pathway in my head...")
  • Untitled ("It's not the world I thought it was...")
  • Untitled ("I could not understand you...")
  • Bookmark for a Gideon Bible ("Our Father which art in heaven...")
  • Untitled ("I want to kneel at my Father's feet...")
  • Dialectics ("Live through this time, somehow...")
  • Untitled ("I have a dog with yellow fangs...")
  • Untitled ("You can't run away...")
  • Birthday Card ("I don't know much about time or dates...")
  • Atonal ("Some folks think all you have to do...")
  • Untitled ("I cannot see far...")
  • Stocktaking ("We've landed in a very strange confusion...")
  • Untitled ("Fill your mind with empty words...")
  • The Runners in the Street ("Not much, O Lord...")
  • Nativity ("Unto us a child is born...")
  • Folkdancer ("Dance with me, dance with me...")
  • Man Is Smart ("Man's got a brain like no other animal...")
  • Untitled ("Here is the world, I wish it were better for you...")
  • Untitled ("Leave the small lake alone to reflect the sky...")
  • Untitled ("What can you do with the blues?...")
  • Untitled ("Today is the day I grow old...")
  • Untitled ("A poet is a person...")
  • Don't Mourn, Organize ("If, in this age, poets...")
  • Untitled ("Do not mistake me...")
  • Untitled ("Slender as a reed, tiptoe...")
  • Untitled ("Write lines, he says...")
  • Untitled ("They bring the feral into the churches...")
  • Women After Salem ("You do not understand. The Devil is after me...")

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